Two Years and our staff is growing......
Norton Site:
Randa Vollertsen PT
Renee Miller OT
Sue Rossi OT
Margi Nielsen OT
Val Schultz SLP
Shaina Wiens SLP
Jennifer Junemann SLP
Jill Sellers SLP
Hays Site:
Becky Pokorny PT
Randa Vollertsen PT 
Hannah Heston OT
Suzan Hess SLP
Abi Rohr  SLP
Nex-tech Interns:
Avery Miller (during school year) @ Norton
Raelynn  Slipke, Norton  
Alison @ Hays
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Theraplay Learning Center


Pediatric Occupational

Physical & Speech Therapy

202 E. Washington 

Norton, Kansas 67654



            Pediatric Physical & 

           Occupational Therapy 


              1107 E 13th Street

            Hays, Kansas 67601


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1107 E 13th, Hays KS

202 E Washington

Norton,  KS

We provide a family focused, child oriented philosophy within an outpatient clinic setting. We strive to empower children & families to succeed with our quality expertise & fun pediatric PT, OT, & Speech services for children with varying abilities.

About us

Theraplay Learning Center (TLC) provides Physical, Occupational  & SpeechTherapy services to children of all ages.  We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and educational care to aid in changing the lives of children. 

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • SpeechTherapy: Norton
  • Sensory Processing
  • Infant-Toddler Early             Intervention
  • Group/Individualized
  • Clinic/ In Home/Daycare
Meet our staff


Randa Vollertsen PT:  

Sue Rossi OT:     785-871-1591

Renee Miller OT:    785-871-7987

Margi Nielsen OT


Carolyn Young OT

Hannah Heston OT

Crista Porter OT

Becky Pokorny PT

Rachel Atkinson DPT

Randa Vollertsen PT-fill in only


Language Pathologists:

    Shaina Wiens

    Valerie Shulz

    Jennifer Juenemann

    Jill Sellers


Contact us

We are now accepting new referrals for speech therapy

Phone: 785-877-0550

Fax: 785-874-4615

Call for any PT/OT referral

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Website: Intake form

      Does your child need PT, OT, or Speech Services?                      Call TLC  for an Evaluation:  785-877-0550

  1. Referrals can be made by physicians and/or parents. 

  2. Evaluation appointment  scheduled first.

  3. Assessment is completed.  Consultation with therapist to discuss results and insurance coverage.  PT services will require Dr's. order.

  4. If child qualifies, tx appts. set up with plan to meet child's needs.