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About Us:

Helping Children & Families


Theraplay Learning Center (TLC)

provides physical, occupational, speech therapy services to children of all ages. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and educational care to aid in changing the lives of children. 

Our philosophy...

A child's main job is playing and learning. Physical and Occupational therapists can evaluate kids' skills for playing, school performance, and daily activities and compare them with what is developmentally appropriate for that age group. 

Our goal...

Theraplay Learning Center’s goal is to provide consistent and appropriate physical and occupational therapy to help children reach their greatest potential and level of independence in an age-appropriate and nurturing environment.  

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Signs your child might benefit  from pediatric Occupational or Physical Therapy services:

  • Delayed motor milestones

  • Trips for "no reason", bumps into objects

  • Lack of a definite hand dominance

  • Poor fine motor skills (difficulty picking up small items, coloring, cutting, writing)

  • "Quirky" behaviors and socially awkward

  • Extremely picky eater due to textures or smells

  • Fearful of feet off the ground or head tilted back

  • Seeks constant movement, swinging or spinning, or being upside-down

  • Seeks intense pressure, such as falling on purpose

  • Over-reacts to light touch or messy texture

  • Balance and coordination issues

  • Low muscle tone/ floppy arms or legs

  • Poor ball skills

  • Toe walking

  • Infants with flat areas on back of head

  • Infant prefers to look in only one direction

  • Feet/ankles that collapse inward

  • Infant won't play on tummy or avoids trying to crawl

  • Difficulty making & keeping friends

  • Awkward social skills with same age peers

  • Toddlers not walking by 14 months, eating table foods by 12months, delayed crawling


Theraplay Learning Center     

Pediatric Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Services


Theraplay Learning Center, Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy  is co-owned and operated by Renee Miller OT and Sue Rossi OT.  The private clinic opened June 2017 and has provided a unique and specialized therapy service for children in Northwest Kansas. 


The two therapists have a combined 57+ years of experience working with children in a variety of settings, including schools, home-based, and private clinics.  Sue and Renee identified a need for more intense individualized programs for the population they serve (birth to 21 years), and so the vision for Theraplay Learning Center was born. 


Both have specialized training and experience with Traumatic Brain Injuries, autism  spectrum disorder, sensory processing differences, handwriting challenges, fine and gross motor developmental delays,  feeding difficulties, reflex integration, orthotics, infant torticollis and plagiocephaly,  and a variety of genetic disorders.  In addition, the sensory based play environment at the clinic is able to specifically address needs related to children’s attentiveness, mood regulation & control and sensory exploration.   While this sounds very diagnostic, TLC clients, children, find it an awesome place to get therapy!  TLC provides  a family focused, child oriented philosophy within an outpatient clinic setting that strives to empower children and families to succeed with quality expertise and fun pediatric PT & OT services.


       Theraplay Learning Center is the only dedicated clinic for children’s PT/OT needs in all of central and western Kansas and draws from counties within a 100 mile range.   TLC is currently working on credentialing for insurance coverage for Nebraska clients. While clients are receiving their therapies, families spend much time in Norton community patronizing other business in Norton.  Theraplay Learning Center is also currently working to contract with therapists to provide Speech and Language services to allow a more comprehensive program for the children they serve.  In addition,  the OT/PT team is in the process of developing new innovative ideas for treatment as well as planning for summer camp programs.



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